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A new website I've been building: Alphabet Lyrics

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  • A new website I've been building: Alphabet Lyrics

    Hey guys,

    Since the start of 2009, I have been developing a new website. It's a music site and it's all about song lyrics. I also managed to include live chat - video, for live performance of singer wannabees.

    Let me know in this thread what you think. Maybe you have comments that I could use to make it even better.

    If you like to check it out, be my guest. It's - Alphabet Lyrics - you can reach it at

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    I like it! I've been trying to find decent sites lately that have sheetmusic and tabs, maybe that'd be a cool addition, but I like it regardless bookmarked!


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      Nice site man! Great job on Cheating Dome too!! It's a pity there are no real cheats anymore for the latest games. I guess that's because of everything is now on mobile and multiplay.