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    Anyone else have it? Favorite game? I have it and personally love it, and I feel that Nintendo, very slowly, is starting to bring this thing from the jaws of death with upcoming titles. In 2015. Slowly but surely.

    ...or are you just one of those people hyped for Smash Bros.? We can talk about that too.

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    Its not having the same success as the Wii had is it... Shame really and that's coming from someone who doesn't like Nintendo games in general however I will admit to thinking that Lego City undercover sounds like a fantastic game. Grand Theft Auto for kids


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      No, not at all. I feel like it's because the people who aren't really considered gamers bought the Wii because of the appeal to the general public, however, now with the booming of Smartphone games, they see no point in buying a console. Plus, the whole confusing "U" moniker. That was dumb. It just confused people and for the longest time people did not realize it was an actual whole new system. Ah well... I enjoy it. It's a nice get-together system. Haha. I'm not really the biggest fan of Legos so I don't really know much about that one!