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Temple Run

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Go to the store and buy the following characters when you have the earned the specified amount of coins. As of 1.4.1 there are seven characters to choose from.

Guy Dangerous
Default character.

Scarlett Fox
Earn 10,000 coins.

Barry Bones
Earn 10,000 coins.

Karma Lee
Earn 25,000 coins.

Montana Smith
Earn 25,000 coins.

Francisco Montoya
Earn 25,000 coins.

Zack Wonder
Earn 25,000 coins.

Enter one of the following passwords at the title screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Extra characters
Enter rxh7nigh as a password.

Unlimited invincibility
Enter samhines86 as a password.

To perform two resurrections in one run, you first need to purchase the two resurrections.

Then, double tap the screen before dying to come back to life the first time. Once you travel for at least 1000 metres, you will be able to repeat this a second time.

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Achievement - How to unlock
1/2 Million Club - Score 500,000 points.
1/4 Million Club - Scored 250,000 points.
10K Runner - Run 10,000 meters.
5K Runner - Run 5,000 meters.
Adventurer - Scored 25,000 points.
Allergic to Gold - Run 1,000m without collecting any coins.
Athlete - Ran 2,500 meters.
Double Resurrection - Resurrect twice in one run.
Head Start - Use a Head Start.
High Roller - Scored 100,000 points.
Lump Sum - Collected 500 coins.
Mega Bonus - Filled the bonus meter 4x.
Million Club - Score 1,000,000 points.
Miser Run - Run 500m without collecting any coins.
Money Bags - Collected 1,000 coins.
Novice Runner - Ran 500 meters.
Payday - Collected 750 coins.
Piggy Bank - Collected 250 coins.
Pocket Change - Collected 100 coins.
Resurrection - Resurrect after dying.
Sprinter - Ran 1,000 meters.
Treasure Hunter - Scored 50,000 points.

If you hit one of the smaller tree roots it does't necessarily mean 'Game Over', you can still keep ahead of the monkeys as long as you don't hit another tree root.

Tilt to the smaller part of the root and you do not nee to jump. You will not die eather!

If you activated the advertisements that appear in Temple Run to get more coins, and now want to get rid of them, you can do so by going into Settings on the home screen, then General, then Date and Time, then set it years into the future (5 should do it).

The adverts are set to disappear eventually, and this will speed it up!

Make sure some of the rock jumps are in the centre of the screen otherwise you will fall and die.

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