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Droid Assault

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Achievement - How to unlock
Captured K999 - Captured the Ultimate Droid
Crusher - Crushed 25 robots in doors
David vs Goliath - Defeated a boss with only a Sec Level 1 droid remaining
Death Squad - Captured 3 9-series robots in same squad
Double Jeopardy - Got Red Alert twice on one level
Everything Proof - Flame, laser, and disruptor resistant droid
Flush - 8 droids in ascending security order
Fried Circuits - Destroyed 100 robots with the disruptor
Full House - Command a full squad of 8 droids
Having a Bad Day - Started a level with 8 droids, finished with only 1
Level 10 - Defeated Level 10 Boss
Level 20 - Defeated Level 20 Boss
Level 30 - Defeated Level 30 Boss
Level 40 - Defeated Level 40 Boss
Level 50 - Completed Arcade Missions
Max Armour - Maximum Armour buff
Max Battery - Maximum Battery buff
Max Damage - Maximum Damage buff
Max Everything - Maxed every buff on a droid
Max Overdrive - Maximum Overdrive buff
Max Recharge - Maximum Recharge buff
Phew! - Escaped with 0 hitpoints and no squad
Pyromaniac - Fried 100 robots
Red Alert - Got Red Alert status
Security 1 - Achieved security level 1
Security 2 - Achieved security level 2
Security 3 - Achieved security level 3
Security 4 - Achieved security level 4
Security 5 - Achieved security level 5
Security 6 - Achieved security level 6
Security 7 - Achieved security level 7
Security 8 - Achieved security level 8
Security 9 - Achieved security level 9
Tinkerer - Buffed a droid in every aspect
Ultrabot - Everything-proof and maxed-buffs droid

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