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Ganguro Girl for PC has 10 cheat codes at the moment.

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Ganguro Girl

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Enter 20 as your name when you do so a spce may appear before th 20 remove the space then confirm the name once activated you will have all stats at 175 $99,999 and 99 of all 6 gifts and items. | [Sent by shuffles_exo_]

Put in the password sMU99R0.

Put in the password WsKV7z2.

Put in the password XaoWCBZ.

Put in the password WQBLD5.

Put in the password awWl2hx.

Put in the password HtrkwtI.

Put in the password vkz2OBu.

Put in the password tYU2TEb.

Enter t9GJ6Ol as a password. Note: This works for the deluxe version and has three positions. | [Sent by DayleJ]

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