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Jets 'N' Guns Gold for PC has 3 cheat codes at the moment.




Cheating Dome presents: Jets 'N' Guns Gold for PC

Jets 'N' Guns Gold

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Complete 3 levels of difficulty in-a-row.

While in game press the "~" key to access the console. Type the codes there. Some codes have to be used again whenever you start a new level. Warning! If you use any codes the game will label your pilot as a cheater.

Effect - Code
4x weapon damage - power_to_the_people 1
Increases money by x amount - richman x
Instantly comple current stage - veni_vidi_vici
Invincibility - arnold_for_president 1
Ship has infinite cooling - keep_cool 1

Achievement - How to unlock
Air destroyer - Kill 100.000 air targets.
Armageddon now! - Finish one level with Armageddonator.
Bounty hunter - Find and capture all 9 galactic villains.
Decorated - Make one hero obtain all medals.
Don't panic - Pick up 100 hitchhikers.
Flawless - Finish campaign without being shot down.
Full hangar - Unlock all 12 ships.
Going viral - Find the secret science lab level.
Ground destroyer - Kill 10.000 ground targets.
Hacker - Activate 100 devices with RemCon.
Hidden orbit - Find the secret base on lava planet's moon.
Legendary - Get to 10th round of the campaign.
Looter - Crack 100 crates open.
Mini Gamer - Reach score of 10.000 in Tetrix.
Moneygrab - Reach score of 100 millions.
Multi killer - Kill 60 troops with one hit.
No more secrets - Find all secrets.
Not so Perfect - Find Mr. Perfect's secret level.
Sweet revenge - Find the secret level with spammers.
Total mayhem - Destroy 250.000 targets.
Troop destroyer - Kill 100.000 troops.
Veteran - Finish game on hard difficulty or higher.

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