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Monopoly Deluxe

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Play against the CPU and land on an unowned property. Place the property up for auction. Keep bidding $10 to win the auction as no other player can challenge your offer.

To enter cheat mode (WM edition), type the following during gameplay:

Effect - Code
Opens Cheat Mode - Enable the "Cheating is allowed" selection under the "Custom rules" option.
Opens Cheat Mode (WM Edition) - gimmesheep

This trick will allow you to roll whatever number you wish to. First, press the Control (Ctrl) key and the "D" key simultaneously. Hold them down. Then, still with the keys held, use the mouse to click between the two dice you can roll. Now move the mouse left to set one die to the desired number, up to set the other, then release the mouse button and you'll roll the dice at the set number, which can be any one you desire.

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