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Black Knight Sword

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Finish the game once on any difficulty and you will unlock Arcade mode.

Finish the game once and you will unlock (NG+), a harder difficulty with more enemies, and more upgrades for the health bar from the shop.

After you finish the game you begin another loop of the game but with harder difficulty (NG+), and there will be a true final boss and the true ending.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
A True Knight (Gold) - Clear Arcade Mode.
Are you really the hero? (Bronze) - Game over, 50 times over.
Hard Worker (Silver) - Finish every mission in challenge mode.
I English Read Good (Bronze) - Read every tutorial board.
Let's start here (Bronze) - Clear stage 1.
Like a lion after its prey (Silver) - Finish the game in hard mode.
One Knight stand (Silver) - Finish the game without dying.
P-Whipped (Bronze) - Collect all the cat head grass in story mode.
Sunny side up (Silver) - Finish the game without ever entering the shop.
The next story is yours (Bronze) - Watch the end credits.
Three Star Chef (Bronze) - Use a magic attack on the bread.
You call that an ending? (Bronze) - Clear stage 5.

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