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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
Aggressor (Bronze) - Attack an enemy asteroid and destroy 200 seedlings in the process.
Attrition (Bronze) - Battle for an enemy asteroid for ten minutes.
Banzai (Bronze) - Destroy ten enemy seedlings using a mine explosion.
Besieged (Bronze) - Defend one of your own asteroids continuously for five minutes.
Gardener (Bronze) - Gather ten flowers on an asteroid.
Hero (Bronze) - Find over 600 of the lost seedlings in the game.
Historian (Bronze) - Record all of the Ancient Artifacts.
Illuminator (Silver) - Complete Dark Matter Mode.
Intruder (Bronze) - Land a beacon seed on an enemy asteroid.
Lightsecond (Bronze) - Complete the campaign in under ten hours.
Lightyear (Bronze) - Complete "The Centre Cannot Hold" within 60 minutes.
Martyrdom (Bronze) - Attack an enemy asteroid and lose 300 seedlings in the process.
Minefield (Bronze) - Gather five mines on an asteroid.
Pacifism (Bronze) - Complete "Protection" without destroying anyone else's trees.
Panspermia (Bronze) - Send a flower or a mine over 50000 arbitrary distance units.
Safety (Bronze) - Complete "200" without any of your own trees being destroyed.
Stalemate (Bronze) - A pitched battle that lasts over 15 minutes and incurs 500 losses between all sides.
Starboretum (Bronze) - Complete the main game.
Traveller (Bronze) - Discover an asteroid using a flower or a mine.
Uplift (Bronze) - Terraform an asteroid to maximum attributes.

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