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Labyrinth Legends

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
All at once (Bronze) - Complete any level, collecting all stars and bonuses.
Die hard (Bronze) - Survive 5 minutes in the bonus level.
Doublet (Bronze) - Destroy two tentacles of an octopus in a one moment.
Nerves of Steel (Bronze) - Find the secret behind saws.
Ooops! (Silver) - Throw lich boss in a big hole.
Primary education (Bronze) - Complete the tutorial.
Punctual (Gold) - Get time bonus in every single player level.
Star boy (Gold) - Collect all stars.
THIS IS SPARTA!!! (Bronze) - Throw 30 enemies in a hole.
Zombie? (Bronze) - Collect item without a head.

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