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Retro City Rampage

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There are six unlockable characters to be found throughout the game. Some require you to progress through the game, others require a task or challenge. These characters have special traits (or lack thereof) and handle differently than The Player.

Mode - How to unlock
Commander Video - Complete the Bit.Trip arcade game and collect all gold.
Meat Boy - Complete the Meat Boy arcade game and collect all bandages.
Mr. Destructoid - Defeat Dr. Von Buttnick at Mr Destructoid Robot Factory.
Ms. Bates - Defeat Ms. Bates.
Steve from Minecraft - Locate and jump into the pipe in the Gated Community Zone.
Sweat Bomber - Complete the Sweat Bomber mini-game without giving up.

At MJ's Face-R-Us enter Square to put in coupon codes.

Effect - Password
Unlock Maxime the games artist's friends skin - MAXIMEAMIS
Unlock the Mojang staff's skin - MOJANG
Unlock the PJ Fresh Phil skin - PJFP
Unlock the Polytron skin - POLYTRON
Unlock the Team Meat staff's skin - TEAMEAT
Unlocks the Anthony Carboni skin - CARBONI
Unlocks the DTOID staff's skin - DTOID
Unlocks the Electric Playground television host's skin - ELECPLAY
Unlocks the Epic Meal Time host's skin - EMT
Unlocks the Gaiijin (Bit.trip) staff's skin - GAIJIN

Enter these during game play, without pausing.

Effect - Code
All weapons - U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, X, O
Gawd mode - U, U, L, R, L, R, D, D, R1, X
Lose the cops - U, U, D, D, R1, O, R1, O, X

The Light Gun spawns at Doc Choc's house once you have beaten Story mode.Just enter and exit the house to spawn more ammo.

When you beat Story mode, you will unlock Turbo mode. This makes the game go into hyper mode, with every aspect sped up. This can lead to higher Spree scores and definate hilarity.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
8-bit Overflow (Bronze) - Kill 256 civilians within a single life.
A Winner Is You! (Gold) - Get gold medal scores in all sprees.
Bike Bounce (Bronze) - Knock someone off their bike to ricochet another off theirs.
Broken Chain (Bronze) - Reach a 99X chain multiplier.
Daily Grind (Silver) - Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls.
Dance Player, Dance! (Bronze) - Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage.
Death Cam, No Death (Bronze) - Beat Death Cam VHS without dying.
Eco-friendly Fire (Bronze) - Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast.
Feeling Groggy (Bronze) - Get "sick" on "milk".
Master of Your Domain (Bronze) - Dethrone GLC's high score.
Rocky Road Tire Crunch (Bronze) - Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping.
The Cosplayer (Bronze) - Play Free Roaming Mode as one of the guest stars.
Tool Time (Silver) - Collect all of the time machine parts.
You Broke The Law! (Bronze) - Raise your threat level by committing a crime that attracts police attention.

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