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In any Extreme Rules or TLC match, throw your opponent to one of the corners of the barricade. As your opponent starts to rise, throw the steel steps. Now, quickly run over to the steps and if you did it properly, you should glitch through the barricade (allowing you to enter the crowd).

Complete all of the WrestleMania chapters and 'Defeat the Streak'.

UnlockableHow to unlock

First select any wrestler except The Miz to play as then select Miz as your opponent but deselect Miz before you confirm his attire. Then change your wrestler to The Miz and at this point your opponent will change to Mr. Fuji. Now select Mr. Fuji again and then deselect The Miz, now switch which slot your playing as from the left to right and you should be able to pick from the list of managers.

For the Superstars and Managers. Note: While you can also view them in-game, you can only view HOW to unlock them BEFORE they're unlocked.

AttireHow to unlock

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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