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Super Fire ProWrestling

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To watch two computer controlled opponents (CPU) face each other, hold the "X" button at the mode selection screen and choose "Exhibition" mode (the second option from the mode selection screen). While still holding the "X" button, select any Wrestler. Now, with the second controller, choose an opponent to play against. If done correctly, both player's wrestlers will now be controlled by the Computer and a CPU vs CPU match will begin. This code also works with tag team matches as well.

Select Password on the Main Menu and enter these passwords. These passwords work even though it really doesn't use up all 30 spaces on the Password screen.


Using the game's "Password" system, enter this code to fight against Rikouzan in the final battle of the second singles tournament: PJ3TW ESEQD AK.

Using the game's "Password" system, enter this code to fight against Star Bison and B.G. Bull in the final battle of the tag team tournament: 05B0X N703W 2W.

Using the "Pass Word" system, enter any one of these passwords to begin either the second singles or tag tournament.


To play as the hidden bosses B.G. Bull, Ittetsu Wakamoto, and Rikiouzan in the World Championship Mode, hold the "L" button and hover your cursor over League mode (the 4th option from the mode selection screen). Next, a small window will open asking you to choose how many players will be competing in the League mode. While this window is open, press the "Y" button to be brought back to the main menu. The cursor should now be placed over World Championship Mode (the first option from the mode selection screen). Choose World Championship mode in either the singles or tag divisions . If done correctly, the three hidden bosses will be unlocked and now visible to choose from in World Championship mode.

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