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Amazing Spider-Man, The

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Collect 500 comic book pages to unlock this helpful feature which becomes available on the mini map as yellow dots. In total there are 700 pages (100 flying pages, and 600 stationary in both the open world and in levels).

When you have collected the indicated amount of pages which are scattered around Manhattan you will be able to read the corresponding full issue of Spider-Man comic.

1st Black Cat:
Collect 125 Pages

1st Gwen Stacy:
Collect 350 Pages

1st Iguana:
Collect 250 Pages

1st Lizard:
Collect 15 Pages

1st Rhino:
Collect 50 Pages

1st Scorpion:
Collect 80 Pages

1st Smythe:
Collect 500 Pages

1st Spider-Man:
Collect 5 Pages

Modern Lizard:
Collect 30 Pages

Vs. Vermin:
Collect 175 Pages

The following costumes become available when you search the indicated location.

Classic Black Suit
Found under the Gazebo in the narrow park, left of the main Oscorp Building downtown.

Unlock Future Foundation Suit
Search behind the gas station store in a small alley. One block right of north bridge.

Unlock Big Time Suit:
Search Times Square behind the red bleachers, on the glass.

Unlock Original Suit (No Belt)
When the game begins, you will have this suit. Go to Peter's apartment and check for alternate costumes. The original suit will be waiting in the closet.

Unlock Sam Raimi Trilogy - Classic Suit
When you register any of the game's DLC (including any pre-order code you may have received) and you will unlock this suit in Peter's apartment.

Unlock Black Costume:
Complete the game with a 100% completion.

Unlock Classic Costume:
Download and start the 'Rhino Challenge' DLC.

Unlock Cross Species Costume:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Scarlet Spider (2012) Costume:
Find the fountain which is located near the middle of Central Park. Then, go north until you reach the middle bridge, which is directly at the center of Central Park. If you look on the right side of the bridge you will see a Spider-Man emblem. When you take a picture of the emblem the Scarlet Spider (2012) costume will become unlocked.

Beat the game on any difficulty.

When you battle the S-01 in Chapter 1: Oscorp Is Your Friend you will earn 2,000 XP and 150 Tech Points for each kill. Each kill takes under four minutes and you can keep defeating the S-01 as many times as you want to quickly level up and max out your available skills.

For this costume to appear in your game you must first change the 'Time' and 'Date' settings on your X360 to a month past August 2012. This must be done offline otherwise the X360 will change your date and time back to the correct time.

When you have completed Story mode you wil be able to select the time of day. To do this you have to go to your apartment and then exit. When you do this a menu will appear and you can make your selection.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement - How to unlock
A Dash of Spider (15 points) - Completed all XTreme Race challenges.
All Tied Up (15 points) - Defeated 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns.
Amazing Spider-Man (20 points) - Unlocked all concept art.
Call Interrupted (15 points) - Destroyed a Seeker before it could call a Hunter.
Car Hopper (15 points) - Cleared all car chases.
Clean Victory (20 points) - Defeated a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters.
Corporate (15 points) - Collected all Oscorp Manuals.
FYI I'm Spider-Man (10 points) - Performed 25 Signature Moves.
Friendly Neighbor (15 points) - Saved a hostage caught in a petty crime .
Gladiator (15 points) - Completed all Oscorp Secret Research Labs.
Haymaker (10 points) - Performed a Web-Rush punch.
Heavyweight Champion (30 points) - Defeated 1000 enemies.
I'm on a Roll! (15 points) - Achieved a combo streak of 42.
Journalist (15 points) - Collected all audio evidence.
Keep It Together (15 points) - Immobilized 6 enemies simultaneously with web.
Librarian (15 points) - Collected all magazines.
Lightweight Champion (15 points) - Defeated 100 enemies.
Middleweight Champion (20 points) - Defeated 500 enemies.
Negotiator (15 points) - Resolved all police deadlocks.
On the Fly (25 points) - Collected all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages.
Peace of Mind (15 points) - Returned all escapees to the police.
Peter Parker (25 points) - Completed the game on human difficulty.
Sanitized (15 points) - Rescued all infected civilians.
Sky Captain (15 points) - Chained 10 Web-Rushes in the city.
Spider-Man (100 points) - Completed the game on super hero difficulty.
Stick to the Plan (15 points) - Defeated 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns.
Tech Savvy (15 points) - Collected all hidden Tech Pieces.
The Camera Loves You (15 points) - Completed all XTreme Video challenges.
The Sky Is the Limit (20 points) - Defeated the S-01 without touching the ground.
Ultimate Spider-Man (20 points) - Acquired all upgrades.
Vigilante (50 points) - Completed the game on hero difficulty.

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