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Retro City Rampage for Xbox 360 has 5 cheat codes at the moment.




Cheating Dome presents: Retro City Rampage for Xbox 360

Retro City Rampage

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Award - How to unlock
Manly Mullet - Earn this glorious crown by completing all Slaughter Spree Arcade Challenges with gold medal scores.
Pixel Pants & Pumps - Complete Story Mode to get in these pants.
Pleather Pixel Jacket - Play Story Mode for a bit to win it, buy the full game to keep it. That's how these work, right?

Travel to MJ's Face-R-Us and enter the following case sensitive (without the quotes) coupon codes to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlock Anthony Carboni:

Unlock Destructoid Staff:
Enter 'DTOID'

Unlock Electric Playground Television Hosts:

Unlock Epic Meal Time:
Enter 'EMT'

Unlock Maxime's Friends (RCR Game Artist):

Unlock PJ Fresh Phil from YTV:
Enter 'PJFP'

Unlock Polytron:

Unlock Gaijin (Bit.Trip) Staff:
Enter 'GAIJIN'

Unlock Mojang (Minecraft) Staff:
Enter 'MOJANG'

Unlock Team Meat (Super Meat Boy) Staff:

Enter the following codes during gameplay to enable the corresponding effect. If the code has been entered correctly a small confirmation window will appear. When you use codes it will disable Achievements until you restart the game.

Unlock ALL Weapons:
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B.

Gawd Mode (Invincibility):
Press Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, Down, R1, X.

Super Stomp:
Press Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up, Down, RB, A.

Unlock ALL Styles:
Press Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, A, B.

To unlock promotional faces for purchase, enter these codes in the Face-R-Us store (press X to 'Enter Coupon Code').

Effect - Code
Anthony Carboni - CARBONI
Destructoid Staff - DTOID
Electric Playground Staff - ELECPLAY
Epic Meal Time Staff - EMT
Gaijin Games Staff - GAIJIN
John Romero - ROMERO
Maxime's Friends - MAXIMEAMIS
Mojang Staff - MOJANG
Nintendo Power Staff - POWER
Phil Guerrero - PJFP
Playstation Blog Staff - URNOTE
Polytron Staff - POLYTRON
Team Meat Staff - TEAMMEAT

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement - How to unlock
8-bit Hydrant Overflow (30 points) - Put 256 people on fire within a single life
8-Blow (15 points) - Blow up 8 vehicles in 8 seconds
A Winner Is You! (20 points) - Get gold medal scores in all sprees
Big Money! (10 points) - Match all cards in a single round of the casino game at the Spades To Steal Casino
Bike Bounce (10 points) - Knock a pedestrian off a bike to ricochet another off their bike
Broken Chain (25 points) - Reach a 99X chain multiplier
Daily Grind (30 points) - Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls
Dance Player, Dance! (30 points) - Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage
Death Cam, No Death (50 points) - Beat Death Cam VHS without dying
Eco-friendly Fire (10 points) - Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast
Feeling Groggy (10 points) - Get "sick" on "milk"
Killabunga! (5 points) - Kill four green sewer dwellers
Master of Your Domain (10 points) - Dethrone GLC's high score
Pixel Me Rollin' (10 points) - Drive 65,536 pixels
Rocky Road Tire Crunch (15 points) - Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping
Super Turbo Beat Down (50 points) - Beat Turbo Story Mode
The Cosplayer (25 points) - Dress up as one of the guest stars
Three Flings (10 points) - Knock down two pedestrians with a third using the BioClaw
Tool Time (30 points) - Collect all 7 time machine parts
You Broke The Law! (5 points) - Raise your threat level causing police to chase you

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