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Tropico 4: Modern Times

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Achievement - How to unlock
A Better Tourist Trap (30 points) - Build an Aerodrome and a Seven-star hotel in a single mission.
Averted World War 3 (20 points) - Foiled the Conclave's plans.
Better Than Tenements (30 points) - Have a Ziggurat with 50 families as tenants.
Capo Di Tutti Capi (20 points) - Renovate your Palace.
Crisis Measures (10 points) - Resolved the Great Tropican Crisis.
Going Green (20 points) - Build 4 Bio Farms and 4 Organic Ranches in a single mission.
Heaven On Earth (20 points) - Build a Diamond Cathedral before 1990.
Office Space (30 points) - Have a Babel Tower with 50 employees.
The Conclave (20 points) - Learned the true name of your enemy.
Zeitgeist (50 points) - Completed the Modern Times campaign.

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