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Avengers Initiative

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Try to learn to read your enemy's movements so you can time your counterattack with more accuracy.

During cutscenes keep your eye out for 'Picks'. Tap the screen to collect them.

There is free ISO-8 hidden throughout each environment that can be retrieved by finger tapping the purple shining rock. You may have to adjust the camera to search some of the locations.

Use the Experience Points that you gained during battle to improve your stats.

You will come across large piles of ISO-8 (Isotope-8) as you progress through the game. If you press one you will play a timed mini-game called ISO-8 Bash where you rapidly swipe the screen to produce tinier chunks that can then be collected. Don't collect the red pieces as these will erase seconds of the clock.

Maximize your Multiplier during ISO-Bash by chaining together the same color of ISO-8. Doing this will give you more ISO-8.

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