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Bike Race

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To unlock the given bike, complete all of the listed tasks.

Bike - How to unlock
Acrobatic Bike - Race 100% wheely and get 3 stars; do 2 front flips and get 3 stars; do 4 black flips and get 3 stars.
Bronze Bike - Get 24 stars in first three areas (Desert, Arctic, Dunes); win 3 consecutive races.
Ghost Bike - Play with 20 Facebook friends.
Girl Bike - Get 12 stars; do a backflip and get 3 stars.
Gold Bike - Earn 24 stars each in Desert 2 and Arctic 2; win 12 consecutive races; win 5000 games in multiplayer; beat a Silver Bike in multiplayer.
High Tech Bike - Create a game with a Facebook friend, with a random user, via SMS, and via email.
Hog Bike - Beat a Ninja Bike, a Ghost Bike, a Police Bike, and a Super Bike in multiplayer.
Ninja Bike - Win 250 multiplayer games.
Police Bike - Play with 5 Facebook friends.
Retro Bike - Win 5 games on multiplayer; Like Bike Race Page; Like Top Free Games Page.
Silver Bike - Get 24 stars each on Hills, Beach, and Savana; win 7 consecutive races; beat a Bronze Bike in multiplayer.

Complete the requirements to unlock the extra stages.

Stage - How to unlock
Arctic #2 - Obtain 132 stars, and play with 3 Facebook friends.
Desert #2 - Obtain 108 stars, and play with 1 Facebook friend.
Dunes #2 - Obtain 156 stars, and have the Ninja Bike unlocked.
Hills #2 - Obtain 180 stars, and have the Silver Bike unlocked.

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