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Jetpack Joyride

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Buy the fruit jetpack and get Mr. Cuddles (the dragon vehicle) in game, will get you 3986.

750m Head Start (Next Run Only)
Atom Blast
Big Blast
Coin Bonus (100 Coins)
Coin Prize (500 Coins)
Coin Jackpot (1000 Coins)
Double Coins (Next Run Only)
Extra Spins
Second Chance
Small Blast

Stock up Quick Revives and Final Blasts and keep using them after you die. The maximum is 9,999 meters.

Achievement - How to unlock
Alpha Charlie Echo - Fly over 2kms.
Angry Wings - Get the profit bird twice in one game.
Big Spender - Spend over 50,000 coins.
Blinged Out - Buy a golden vehicle upgrade.
Bullseye - Get a score of exactly 200m.
Class Act - Fly over 1km, sporting the top hat, classy suit and traditional jetpack.
Crazy Freaking Skills - Get a best distance of over 800m in the CFT.
Dragon Fruit - Ride Mr Cuddles while sporting the Fruit.
Man, my Son - Finish all the missions, and start again.

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