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Angry Birds Star Wars

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As you perform certain actions in the game, you can unlock the corresponding content and upgrades, as indicated below.

Green Light Saber - Complete the Path of the Jedi episode
Obi-wan Force Upgrade - Complete level 25 of the Death Star
Path of the Jedi - Earn a 3-star rating on all Tatooine and Death Star levels

To solve a tricky puzzle you may find that you will need to deflect the laser beams that are fired from the turrets using either a Lightsaber Spin or Force Push.

Collect the Golden Droids that are hidden throughout the game as these will each unlock a bonus stage featuring C-3PO and R2-D2.

Laser beams will slice through almost anything but will bounce of metal, use this to your advantage by redirecting any laser fire you may be receiving around corners.

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