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Candy Crush Saga

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Combo - Effect
Coconut Wheel - Coconut Wheel - Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes, then detonates them and repeats.
Coconut Wheel - Color Bomb - Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes, then detonates them.
Coconut Wheel - Mint Stripe - Converts a row or column of candies into Mint Stripes.
Coconut Wheel - Wrapper Bomb - Creates a row or column of Wrapper Bombs.
Color Bomb - Color Bomb - Removes every candy from the board.
Color Bomb - Mint Stripe - All candies of that color are converted to Mint Stripes, then detonates them.
Color Bomb - Wrapper Bomb - Detonates Color Bomb, then a random candy color.
Jelly Fish - Color Bomb - Creates three Color Bomb Jelly Fish, then detonates them.
Jelly Fish - Mint Stripe - Creates three Mint Stripe Fish, then detonates them.
Jelly Fish - Wrapper Bomb - Creates three Wrapped Jelly Fish, then detonates Wrapper Bombs.
Mint Stripe - Mint Stripe - Explodes both candies, switching direction of one if they were identical.
Wrapper Bomb - Mint Stripe - Explodes 3 rows and 3 columns.
Wrapper Bomb - Wrapper Bomb - Detonates 24 candies around each bomb.

After finish one of the levels, if you've still got Moves remaining or if you will find any Special Candies remaining then there is a sequence in which you get bonus score because you carried out very well.

Boosters include numerous charges. Once you apply the Booster, one charge is consumed. Boosters tend to be less expensive than most Charms and could be quite useful if you are inside a pickle or if you're stuck on an especially tricky level.

Charms are permanent. Which means that when you purchase a charm it's yours to help keep forever. This implies that the could cost a little more than other items within the game that you simply consume and purchase again and again again.

In Candy Land, gamers have five lives to begin with. When failing a level, a player manages to lose a existence, however the existence is replenished (free of charge) after half an hour.

Matching five candies consecutively produce a Color Boms. Mixing one Explosive device with any a candy associated with a color will obvious all of the candies of this color.

Some Charms, such as the Charm of Frozen Time, could be toggled on and removed from the screen that seems when tapping a control button on the map, right near the Boosters. Other Charms, such as the Charm of Stripes, can be used within the level throughout gameplay, and it is utilized by tapping the related button within the top left corner from the screen. The Charm of Existence is definitely active.

Sometimes you have to re-connect to Facebook again to obtain your Facebook messages. This can be done within the main menu by tapping the Connect icon.

You are able to play the full version game without ever hooking up to Facebook. You may also play Candy Crush Saga without a web connection.

If you have no more lives, change the date on your iPod or iPhone. You'll will have them back.

Bits of candy will pulse, which makes them simple to locate. If you try to improve your score, match 4 or 5 candies.

Mix special candies for some screen clearing effects.

The game will spotlight potential matches if waiting a little but they may not function as the best option for you.

You have to achieve a particular quantity of points to conquer a puzzle.

You only have a couple of turns to complete a stage, that the game shows in the bottom from the screen.

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