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Dream League Soccer

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At the bottom of the main page there will be an option titled "Get Coins" click that. One on the next page there will will be an option titled "+30coins - Watch Video Clip" click that and sit through the 15sec advertisement video. Once the video has finished it will give you options one of which allows you to download the free app if you want it, another just says continue, if you just want to proceed to your coins click continue. You will then receive your 30 coins. Now what I do, is keep going back to that video option and clicking it as many times as possible and watching multiple videos to get the max amount of coins available from that option. But you can only use this video clip option 10-15 times it varies unfortunately I don't know what it varies on. But if you do this correctly and get 15 videos you will get around 450 coins MAX. Buuuut there's a catch. Once your unable to use the video clip option it will be unavailable to you for 24 hours.

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