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Jetpack Joyride

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This mission is maybe the toughest in the whole game. Try and use a Super Head Start to skip the first 1500 metres. You could use a Final Blast as well. Of course, if you can't do it, you can always buy the mission.

Next to the lever you will see 5 arrows that flash.When the 5th arrow is flashing,pull the lever and almost always you'll get a prize!I hope this helps you to get some things you want in the stash.

If you need to buy a new item in the Stash, always buy the Head Start. This will complete the mission each time and is just 1,000 coins.

If you have a spare dollar, buy the Counterfeit Machine. It costs 99 cents and gets you double coins in every single game you play.

Coin Bonus (100 Coins)
Coin Prize (500 Coins)
Coin Jackpot (1000 Coins)
Small Blast
Big Blast
Atom Blast
Second Chance
Extra Spins
Double Coins (Next Run Only)
750m Head Start (Next Run Only)

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Achievement - How to unlock
A Man, My Son (30 points) - Finish all the missions, and start again.
Alpha, Charlie, Echo (20 points) - Fly over 2KM.
Angry Wings (30 points) - Get the Profit bird twice in one game.
Big Spender (20 points) - Spend over 50,000 coins.
Blinged Out (30 points) - Buy a golden vehicle upgrade.
Bullseye (30 points) - Get a score of exactly 200M.
Class Act (50 points) - Fly over 1KM sporting the Top Hat, Classy Suit and Traditional Jetpack.
Crazy Freaking Skills (30 points) - Get a best distance of over 800M in the CFT.
Dragonfruit (20 points) - Secret achievement.
Fallout (20 points) - Win 3 Atom Blasts.
Foam Party (30 points) - Fly a total of 10KM with the Bubble Gun Jetpack.
For Science (20 points) - Knock over 1000 scientists.
Fuzzy Locks (20 points) - Get fried 99 times.
Germaphobe (50 points) - Fly over 2KM without touching coins, tokens or scientists.
Gold Digger (20 points) - Collect 20 coins while dead.
Good Work, Muscat (10 points) - Open and close the main menu slider 10 times.
Good Work, Sierra (10 points) - Stare at The Main Shop for 2 minutes.
Good Work, Woody (10 points) - Run into the bottom obstacle 3 times in a row.
Happy Snap (10 points) - Save an action shot to your camera roll.
High Roller (20 points) - Lose the final spin 100 times total.
Hippy (30 points) - Take a trip in the Rainbow Jetpack and donít collect any coins.
James Who? (30 points) - Buy 2 Jetpacks.
Marathon (20 points) - Fly a total of 50KM.
Not so Green (10 points) - Complete 10 missions.
Pretty Woman (20 points) - Buy a matching set of clothes.
Road Trip (20 points) - Accumulate a total of 10KM on the Hog.
Romeo, Alpha, Delta (30 points) - Fly over 5KM.
Spice of Life (10 points) - Take a ride in every vehicle in the game.
Tee Hee Two (20 points) - Secret Achievement.
Toastie (20 points) - Get toasted by a missile 3 times in a row.
Veteran (30 points) - Complete 40 missions.

What you do is that when the words above the charactors when it says "pull the lever" swipe and every 2 times you do it you should get it at least once.

Try to use the Bubble Gun Jetpack for these missions (if you don't have it, it's 7,000 coins) Only rise when you have to avoid a zapper and avoid all vehicles as you are unable to high five any scientists that way.

Always try to use the machine gun pack. You will kill the scientist guys. Next try to avoid the red lines because there are going to be lasers.

You can usually get things with your tokens by pulling the lever when the second arrow lights up.

Wait until you can see an exclamation mark, then go in the direction of it. At the last minute, dodge it just slightly.

If you want to beat these missions, hover just below the zappers, but not too close. Do this with every zapper.

If you need to Rub your head on the ceiling, only fall when you need to avoid a zapper. You need fast reactions to do this, but it is a fast way to beat this mission.

For the missions where you smash holes in the wall, keep starting and retrying to do it seriously quickly. This may be the easiest mission in the entire game.

When the second to last arrow lights up pull the lever and you should get a prize 4 out of 5 times. You can also pull the lever parallel to the light and let go when the light hits the second to last arrow.

In the missions where you have to go up and under zappers, just follow the arrows and they will tell you where you are supposed to go. For the first one, just avoid the zapper and it will count.

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