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Code of Princess

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Play a number of quests to unlock items.

Item - How to unlock
Gold Hoop - Win 100 VS Matches (any type)
Pegasus (+15 D Weapon) - Complete 100 Quests.
Silver Hoop (+5 Atk +5 Vit +5 Mind Accessory) - Complete 500 Quests.
True Mars (Weapon, Flare P+32) - Clear 1000 Quests
True Seraph - Complete 100 Coop Quests
True Unicorn - Win a VS match.

Clear 100 quests.

Beat the Campaign.

Character - How to unlock
Alchemia - Beat Little Witch Bonus Quest.
Boss Jupponogi - Beat all Free Mission and all Bonus Quests.
Distille - Beat Fallen Angel Bonus Quest.
General Jupponogi - Beat Return of the Ninja Bonus Quest.
King Golgius - Clear Campaign/Watch Thousand Years with Allegro.
Marco Neko - Beat Epic Mandrake Bonus Quest.
Schwartz - Clear Campaign/Watch Thousand Years with Solange.
The Guardian - Clear Camapaign/Watch Thousand Years with Zozo.

First, you must unlock the campaign stage "One Final Cameo". Immediately after the mission starts, run to the far left of the screen, hold the "block" button, and keep facing to the right. As long as you are never on the same plane as the dragon and keep blocking, you won't be hit by any of the attacks, even the multi-plane attacks. Keep doing this until the timer runs out to earn a massive amount of EXP. Once you have completed the mission in Campaign mode, you can access the mission in Free Play mode, meaning you can use this technique to level up any characters that you have unlocked. If you use this technique with a Level 1 character, you will immediately jump to level 16.

This villain becomes available as a playable character when you beat the Eclipse Calibur Bonus Mission.

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