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DLC Quest

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Achievement - How to unlock
Anything For An Awardment - Killed all the human NPCs and all the sheep. And for what? An awardment? Geez.
At Least It's Not Stamps - Collected all the coins in the DLC Quest campaign.
Big Spender - Spent one hundred coins.
Catch them all - Found all the hidden DLC packs in the DLC Quest campaign.
Consumerism - You bought everything in the DLC Quest campaign!
Everyone Gets This One - You progressed in the story! Congratulations! Is this really an accomplishment though?
Got the Girl - Finished the game, vanquished evil, and the hero got the girl.
Hole in the wall - Discovered a hidey-hole!
I've Got a Ruddy Gun! - Found a weapon that in no way unbalances the game.
Master of Unlocking - Found all the hidden DLC packs in Live Freemium or Die.
My favorite awardment - I'm Player and this is my favorite awardment in the game.
Nice Try - You tried to cheat! Isn't that cute? If this game had cheats, they wouldn't be free!
Not Exactly Noble - Your willingness to sacrifice yourself for the sake of exploration knows no bounds.
Still Better Than Stamps - Collected all the coins in Live Freemium or Die.
Story is Important - You discovered the story of the mysterious DLC Man. Uh, congrats?
Who's a Good Player? - Given the run around, you still played fetch and helped everyone! Good job!
You Did It! Kind of. - You finished the game! Well it ended anyway. Maybe there's more?
You maniacs! You blew it up! - You lived long enough to die a hero and did what had to be done.

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