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Scribblenauts Unlimited for PC has 2 cheat codes at the moment.




Cheating Dome presents: Scribblenauts Unlimited for PC

Scribblenauts Unlimited

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Avatar - How to unlock
Edgar - Get all 106 Starites.
Julie - Get all 106 Starites.

Achievement - How to unlock
Brotherly Love - Help all 40 of Maxwell’s brothers.
Bubbles’ Magical Aquatic Adventure - Bring 40 Starites to Lily.
Buzzing to the Stars - Bring 50 Starites to Lily.
Cars, Trains, and Planes - Get all object Shards in the Vehicle category.
Chillin’ with Chilly - Bring 24 Starites to Lily.
Fashion Statement - Get all object Shards in the Clothes category.
Food Fight - Get all object Shards in the Food category.
Fun with Weapons - Get all object Shards in the Weapon category.
Helping Hand - Get all the Starites in any level.
Jamming Out - Get all object Shards in the Music category.
Living Large - Get all object Shards in the Living category.
Magical Globe for Rent - Bring 3 Starites to Lily and unlock the world map.
Make it Yours - Make a new object using the Object Editor.
Maxwell in Disguise - Change your Avatar.
Notepad Explorer - Get all 217 object Shards.
Patches and his Kite - Bring 8 Starites to Lily.
Playing with Gadgets - Get all object Shards in the Tech category.
Rex the Dinosaur Hunter - Bring 12 Starites to Lily.
Sister Savior - Bring 60 Starites to Lily.
Starite Get! - Get all 106 Starites.
The Kitchen Sink - Get all object Shards in the Misc category.
Tony and the Outlaw - Bring 30 Starites to Lily.
Try This Instead - Create an object using the Object Suggestor.
Window Shopping - Download a custom object from another player.
Yarrr, matey! - Bring 16 Starites to Lily.

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