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Soldier Front 2

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Achievement - How to unlock
AR Sharpshooter badge 2 - Get 75 headshots with ARs.
At Ease, Rookie - Play 10 hours.
Gunner's Philosophy 1 - Get 50 kills in Hero Mode.
Having the time of your Death - Get 450 deaths.
I said drop and give me 20! - Attain the rank SGT (rank 20).
I've got your back! - Get 300 Assists.
Menace from Beyond - Kill 2500 Xanthids in hero mode.
MG Combat Badge 1 - Get 25 kills with MGs.
MG serviceman Badge - ??Use MGs for 10 hours.
Piercing Insight - 300 headshots.
SG Combat Badge 1 - Get 25 kills with SGs.
Shoppinopolis - Buy from the Hero Mode shop.
SMG Combat badge - Get 25 kills with SMGs.
Some disassembly required - Destroy a turret in Hero mode.
Spitfire Slayer - Get 550 total kills.
SR Service Stripe 1 - Get 25 Assists with SRs.
They came from outer space! - Kill a Xanthid in Hero Mode.
Up and At ' EM, Soldier - Revive 25 fallen allies.
Veteran's Benefits 1 - Reach 10 hours in Xanthid modes.
Winner Takes All - Destroy an Alien Controller in Hero mode.

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