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Strike Suit Zero

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Achievement - How to unlock
Achilles' heel - Find and destroy a capital ship weak point.
Completist - Unlock everything.
First strike - Destroy your first enemy ship.
Lucky strike - Destroy a black fleet interceptor with rockets.
Save earth - Reach the end of the game.
Save earth’s future - Get a better ending.
Shoot the moon - You can shoot the moon...we’re just not telling you how.
Strike fast - Complete last mission inside 7 minutes.
Strike mode extended - Destroy 20 targets in strike mode.
Strike suit combo - Destroy 5 targets at once in strike mode.
Strike suit evolved - Unlock an upgrade.
Tailor made - Customize your weapon load out.
Torpedo 1 corvette zero - Destroy a corvette with a torpedo.
Transformer - Transform into strike suit for the first time.

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