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Defeat the Boss of any chapter. Replay the levels in that chapter to randomly encounter a glitched version of Bandage Girl. Reach her to unlock a new Glitch level in that chapter.

Note: This requires an Xbox 360 controller. Defeat the Boss at the end of the Salt Factory. Then, press RB(3), B(3), X at the character selection screen. Select any character except Gish or Alien Hominid.

On the character select screen type "outtatime" choose any character and you will then be playing as Tim. Note: There will be no "push the buttons" sound effect like other secret characters.

Select a level then type petaphile at the character selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select Meat Boy and you will start playing as Tofu Boy. Note: This code does not work on Glitch levels, Boss levels, or Warp Zones. Tofu Boy is a joke character in response to PETA's parody of Super Meat Boy, Super Tofu Boy. Tofu Boy is weaker than Meat Boy. He moves slower, does n ot jump as high, and has less distance from jumping off a wall. To stop playing as Tofu Boy, pause game play and select another character.

Character - How to unlock
Commander Video - Complete the warp zone in Chapter 1 level 12
Flywrench - Complete the warp zone in Chapter 4 level 18
Jill - Complete the warp zone in Chapter 2 level 8
Ogmo - Complete the warp zone in Chapter 3 level 16
The Kid - Complete the warp zone in Chapter 5 level 7
Unlock 4 Bit Meat Boy - Collect 60 bandages.
Unlock 4 Color Meat Boy - Collect 80 bandages.
Unlock 8 Bit Meat Boy - Collect 40 bandages.
Unlock Captain Viridian - Collect 90 bandages.
Unlock Goo - Collect 10 bandages.
Unlock Josef - Collect 30 bandages.
Unlock Mr.Minecraft - Collect 100 bandages.
Unlock Naija - Collect 50 bandages.
Unlock Runman - Collect 70 bandages.
Unlock the Headcrab - Collect 10 bandages.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement - How to unlock
&*>?1$ - Complete Level -2.
(=+66&1$ - Complete Level -3.
* - -0&&{}~5& - Complete Level -5.
Accidental Arsonist - Unlock Mr. Minecraft (100 bandages).
Brimstone Boy - Complete World 4 without dying.
Dead Boy - Complete The End without dying.
Girl Boy - Complete Cotton Alley without dying.
Golden God - 100% the game.
I Have Crabs! - Unlock Head Crab (10 bandages).
I Smell something Fishy... - Unlock Naija (50 bandages).
Living in the past - Complete 5 retro Warp Zones.
Maggot Boy - Complete World 5 without dying.
Metal Head - Unlock Josef (30 bandages).
MS PAINT RULZ! - Unlock RunMan (70 bandages).
N#7*<1!23 - Complete Level -1.
N&8^2^%$1'' - Complete Level -6.
Needle Boy - Complete World 2 without dying.
Nostalgia - Complete 1 retro Warp Zone.
Old School - Complete 10 retro Warp Zones.
Retro Rampage - Complete all 20 retro Warp Zones.
Salt Boy - Complete World 3 without dying.
Seneca Falls - Beat the dark world Cotton Alley.
Suffragette - Beat the light world Cotton Alley.
The Bootlicker - Unlock Jill.
The Commander - Unlock Commander Video.
The End - Beat the light world.
The Fly Guy - Unlock Flywrench.
The Jump Man - Unlock Ogmo.
The Kid - Unlock The Kid.
The Real End - Beat the dark world.
Vx6 - Unlock Captain Viridian (90 bandages).
Well look at you - Unlock Tofu Boy (via a cheat code).
Wood Boy - Complete World 1 without dying.
^**5%_=+12 - Complete Level -4.

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