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Expendables 2

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
4'S COMPANY (Bronze) - Play through an entire chapter with 4 player co-op.
BALKAN PARTY (Bronze) - Complete chapter 1.
BLANKET PARTY (Bronze) - Perform all grab moves, melee attacks and team signature kills.
BURMA BREAKOUT (Bronze) - Complete chapter 4.
CHALLENGE JUNKIE (Bronze) - Complete all Challenges.
DESERT STORM (Bronze) - Complete chapter 2.
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE (Bronze) - Heal 50 times.
GUN SAFARI (Bronze) - Use each weapon in the game to kill an enemy.
HANDS-ON (Silver) - Kill 2000 enemies using melee attack or grabs.
KILLING MACHINE (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies in a single combo.
KNOCK, KNOCK (Bronze) - Blow the factory gates!.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (Bronze) - Complete the Campaign on Casual difficulty.
PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER (Bronze) - Perform all 4 fully upgraded grab moves.
RAINING DOWN FIRE (Bronze) - Take out the weapons train.
THE EXTRA MILE (Silver) - Complete the Campaign on Hardcore difficulty.
TIME IS MONEY (Bronze) - Complete a challenge.
UNDER DURESS (Bronze) - Interrogate the sniper.
UNTOUCHABLE (Bronze) - Complete a mission on Hardcore without getting healed.
URBAN PACIFICATION (Bronze) - Complete chapter 3.

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