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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse for PlayStation 3 has 2 cheat codes at the moment.




Cheating Dome presents: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse for PlayStation 3

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Cheating for Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - if you have cheats, send them to
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This will unlock all characters on multiplayer. You must enter this code on the cheat menu.

Character - How to unlock
Unlock All Characters - Input the word 'CAST' in the cheat menu.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
Bestest Infiltrator (Bronze) - Win an Infiltration map.
Big Dipper (Silver) - Earn 21 stars in Challenge mode.
Bipolar (Bronze) - Switch between Brian and Stewie 10 times in Story Mode.
Bird is the Word (Bronze) - Taunt 5 times in a row with Peter.
Boom Headshot (Bronze) - Kill 75 enemies with headshots.
Bunch of Chumps (Bronze) - Survive 15 waves in Multiverse Madness.
Cartoon Apocalypse (Silver) - Survive 30 waves in Multiverse Madness.
Chicken Fight! (Bronze) - Complete the "Chicken Fight!" level.
Chickens In Space (Bronze) - Complete the "Chickens In Space" level.
Day Labor (Bronze) - Destroy all of the piñatas in the "It's All Greek to Me" level.
Employee of the Month (Bronze) - Kill Vernon.
First Kill (Bronze) - Successfully complete your first kill of an opposing team member in Multiplayer.
Grease Can't Save You Now (Bronze) - Win a Capture the "Greased-Up Deaf Guy" match.
Handicapable (Bronze) - Complete the "Handicapable" level.
Head Shot (Bronze) - Kill an enemy with a single shot to the head.
Help From My Friends (Bronze) - Use the collectible special inventory items 25 times in Story Mode.
How Do I Jump? (Bronze) - Kill yourself with a grenade or satchel charge.
IEDead (Bronze) - Kill 60 enemies with grenades/explosives.
It's All Greek To Me (Bronze) - Complete the "It's All Greek To Me" level.
Justified (Silver) - Kill 500 enemies using Brian.
Kings of Quahog (Bronze) - Win a Deathmatch mode (free-for-all or as a team).
Little Dipper (Bronze) - Earn 10 stars in Challenge mode.
Lockdown (Bronze) - Shut out the other team from scoring in Capture the Greased-Up Deaf Guy.
Long John Peter (Bronze) - Complete the "Long John Peter" level.
Mort Will Now Lend You Credit (Silver) - Buy everything available in Store.
Mr. Unpopular (Bronze) - Choose Meg for a Multiplayer match.
Multi-Kill (Bronze) - Perform a multi-kill with a melee weapon.
Multi-kill with a grenade (Bronze) - Perform a multi-kill with a grenade.
No Cheese, Please (Bronze) - Complete the "No Cheese, Please" level.
No Place Like Home (Gold) - Complete the "No Place Like Home" level.
Obsessed (Gold) - Complete all secondary objectives.
One Shot Kills (Bronze) - Successfully kill an enemy with one shot.
Penny Pincher (Silver) - Collect $50,000 in Story Mode.
Pervert (Bronze) - Hang around the room with Quagmire in a baby costume for 30 seconds.
Pussy Whipped (Bronze) - Complete the "Pussy Whipped" level.
Roadhouse (Bronze) - Kill 3 members of the opposing team with a melee attack before you die in Multiplayer.
Santa's Sweatshop (Bronze) - Complete the "Santa's Sweatshop" level.
Scorched Earth (Bronze) - Burn the pot fields in the "Something's Amish" level.
Shut Up Meg (Bronze) - Kill Meg during any Multiplayer Match.
Something's Amish (Bronze) - Complete the "Something's Amish" level.
Stewie-nator (Silver) - Kill 500 enemies using Stewie.
Teabag a D-Bag (Bronze) - Taunt a dead opponent with Quagmire in Multiplayer.
Teabaggin' (Bronze) - Taunt 25 times in any Multiplayer match.
The Cleaner (Silver) - Get a 10 kill streak in Deathmatch.
There is no Cake (Platinum) - Unlock all other trophies.
Ugly Tastes Terrible (Bronze) - Play poorly during the final showdown.
We Be Clubbing (Bronze) - Defeat 10 enemies with a melee weapon.
Wrecking Ball (Bronze) - Smash your opponent into something 20 times in the "Chicken Fight!" level.

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