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Sonic The Fighters

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To play Alternate Versions of Sonic, Bean and Amy press start on before selecting them to use there alternate version.

Character - How to unlock
Honey the Cat - Press start on Amy.
Metal Sonic - Press start on Sonic.

Begin a game playing as Sonic, and win against the first eight enemies without being defeated. When fighting against Metal Sonic defeat him in the first round,and in the second round turn sonic in to super sonic by pressing back + Punch+ Kick at the same time. If done correctly sonic will morph in to the invincible super sonic.

Pressing the left and right triggers in the main menu allows you to cycle through music. You can select any song in the game, including a few that aren't used elsewhere.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
A Small transformation(Silver) - Get squished by Amy's Down Punch in Arcade mode or offline versus.
Honey the Cat(Silver) - Use Honey the Cat in Arcade mode or Offline versus(Press Start on Amy during character selection).
Perfect (Gold) - Beat any Stage without taking damage on any difficulty.
Stage 1 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 1 on any difficulty.
Stage 2 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 2 on any difficulty.
Stage 3 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 3 on any difficulty.
Stage 4 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 4 on any difficulty.
Stage 5 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 5 on any difficulty.
Stage 6 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 6 on any difficulty.
Stage 7 Complete(Bronze) - Complete Stage 7 on any difficulty.
The Enemy Within(Silver) - Fight a Mirror Match in Arcade mode or Offline versus.

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