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Earth Defense 2017 Portable

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In both Online and Ad-hoc modes, weapons and armor are automatically restricted (it will be grayed out if not on INFERNO) by level through difficulty -- which means no using high level weapons in an lower difficulty game and HP/armor will be normalized between players. Only on INFERNO are all weapons and full HP/armor allowed (though the restriction can be turned on for a challenge). However, if you achieve 70% completion (weapons and stages; shown on the main screen) for either Storm1 or Pale Wing, the weapon and HP/armor restriction for all difficulties will be selectable (thus be able to be removed/turned on). You will now be able to host a room on any difficulty with all weapons available.

Complete the game on any difficulty with Storm 1 to unlock Pale wing. She will be selectable in the weapon selection screen. She uses her own set and cannot use any of Storm 1's weapons.

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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