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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
Bridge Builder (Bronze) - Build 100 bridges
Can you dig it (Bronze) - Set off 100 digger Lemmings
Fabulously Fun (Bronze) - Complete all Fun levels
Lemmie See Some Speed (Bronze) - Complete Teach me Climbers and Floaters in under one minute
Lemmie See Speed (Bronze) - Beat 3rd Time Lucky in under 1minute 30 seconds
Lemming Exploder (Bronze) - Blow up 100 Lemmings
Lemming Leader (Gold) - Save every Lemming possible
Lethal Lemmings (Silver) - Send 1000 Lemmings to their death
Mayhem Master (Silver) - Complete all Mayhem levels
The Ultimate Clone (Bronze) - Make a clone that can float and climb
Tricky but not Taxing (Bronze) - Complete all Tricky levels
Triumphantly Taxing (Silver) - Complete all Taxing levels

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