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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward for Vita has 3 cheat codes at the moment.




Cheating Dome presents: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward for Vita

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

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Look at the billiard ball poster, and Alice will say "These look like they're from that show where these kids collect seven balls that can grant a wish".

The phone in room 04 of the Crew Quarters has a few hidden phone numbers you can call to hear special messages. The first two sets of numbers can be found in the secret archive entitled Phone.

Effect - Password
Erotic hotline - 6969
Have a conversation with Jenny - 5309
Origin of "Pie" - 3141
Set of numbers that can be read upside down - 8008

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
A Certain Point of View (Gold) - Caught a glimpse of another time.
A Consumate Collection (Gold) - Found ALL the files!
An Eidetic Experience (Bronze) - Found a file.
An Equal and Opposite Reaction (Silver) - Saw Quark's ending.
Arms Race (Silver) - Saw Sigma's ending.
Bachelor of Escapology (Bronze) - Escaped from the elevator.
Behind Blue Eyes (Silver) - Saw Dio's ending.
Best Served Cold (Silver) - Saw Alice's ending.
Classified (Bronze) - Found a secret.
Doctor of Escapology (Silver) - Escaped from sixteen rooms.
Escapest (Gold) - Escaped everything on Hard difficulty.
Escapey (Bronze) - Escaped on Hard difficulty.
Every Ending Begins Somewhere (Bronze) - Saw any of the endings.
Fire and Ice (Gold) - Saw the end. Or maybe the beginning?
Gotta Hand It To You (Bronze) - Opened the third lock.
He Was Convicted of a String of Numbers (Bronze) - Opened the fifth lock.
I Can't Believe It's Not Murder! (Bronze) - Opened the second lock.
If I Told You You Had A Nice Antibody… (Bronze) - Opened the fourth lock.
In Root Beer Veritas (Silver) - Saw Tenmyouji's ending.
Master of Escapology (Bronze) - Escaped from eight rooms.
No Lying Down On the Job (Bronze) - Opened the sixth lock.
Redacted (Gold) - Found ALL the secrets!
Secret Agent Woman (Silver) - Saw Clover's ending.
Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb (Bronze) - Opened the tenth lock.
Tears in the Rain (Silver) - Saw Luna's ending.
That Wasn't Supposed to Happen (Bronze) - Saw any of the bad endings.
Through the Looking Glass (Silver) - Saw K's ending.
Time After Time (Silver) - Saw Phi's ending.
To Each According to His Needle (Bronze) - Opened the first lock.
Virtue's Last Reward (Platinum) - Acquired all trophies.
Who Set Up Us The Bomb, Part 1 (Bronze) - Opened the seventh lock.
Who Set Up Us The Bomb, Part A (Bronze) - Opened the ninth lock.
Why'd You Do That, You Dumas! (Bronze) - Opened the eighth lock.

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