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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Once you K.O. an opponent with a Tag assault, Tag throw or Tag combo quickly press and Hold either X, A, B, or Y buttons to select your Tag Pose.

If you hold the 'TAG' button when the 'Get ready for the next battle' message appears on screen you will start with your second partner.

Trophy - How to unlock
(Best Friends Forever!) (Bronze) - Clear Arcade mode using Xiaoyu and Alisa together.
Are You Even Trying? (Silver) - Escape 5 Tag Throws.
I Always Like a Good Fight (Bronze) - Fight 10 times against human opponents.
I'm Unbeatable! (Silver) - Win 1 round without taking any damage.
II'll Smash You to Pieces! (Silver) - Land 5 Tag Assaults.
Just Like in the Movies (Bronze) - Perform a Balcony Break.
Meet Your Maker! (Bronze) - Use Devil Jin or Kazuya and land 5 beam attacks.
Please Accept My Feelings (Bronze) - Use Alisa and land 5 Spam Bomb attacks.
See You in the Movie (Gold) - View all ending images.
Stay Down! (Silver) - Land 10 Tag Combos.
That Was Quite a Fall (Bronze) - Use Xiaoyu and land 5 Storming Flower counter-hits.
This Was a Nice Combo (Bronze) - Land 10 Tag Throws.

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