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Cheating Dome presents: BABEL Rising 3D for Win. Mobile

BABEL Rising 3D

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Achievement - How to unlock
Apocalypse (25) - Earn the highest distinction by performing power combos. (Campaign, Survival)
Babel Falling (25) - Complete the campaign.
Blown away (10) - Use a sand storm to send a worker flying far away. (Campaign, Survival)
Cursed! (10) - Destroy 15 cursed jars in a single game. (Campaign, Survival)
Deity (5) - Kill 50 workers. (Campaign, Survival)
Eclectic god (10) - Use each passive power and each scroll once.
Falling Stone (10) - Crush 20 workers with one giant boulder. (Campaign, Survival)
Full house (10) - Kill 10000 workers over multiple sessions. (Campaign, Survival)
Great balls of fire (10) - Damage 5 tower blocks with one meteor shower. (Campaign, Survival)
Holy wave (10) - Use a tidal wave that spares cursed jar bearers. (Campaign, Survival)
Patient god (25) - Use two distinct level 3 powers in a single game.
Survivor (50) - Survive 5 minutes when the tower is almost complete. (Campaign, Survival)

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