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Cheating Dome presents: Red Bull Crashed Ice for Xbox 360

Red Bull Crashed Ice

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement - How to unlock
ARE you Stoked? (25 points) - Got Gold in Åre Event.
Best of the Best (40 points) - #1 place in Overall leaderboard Event or Qualifier on any track.
Bigger is Better (25 points) - Got Gold in St. Paul Event.
Boyscout (35 points) - Collected all badges.
Bully (20 points) - Performed a total of 51 Takedowns.
Down the hatch (25 points) - Got Gold in Munich Event.
Energy Legs (20 points) - Performed a total of 50 Powerlandings.
Gives You Wings (10 points) - Grabbed the Red Bull can on every track.
Goldmember (40 points) - Got all Gold in the World Tour.
Gonna make ya... (15 points) - Performed 50 jumps in game.
Headache (20 points) - Raced a total of 10 Versus races.
Mr. Blaine (15 points) - Performed 50 air tricks in game.
Poutine anyone? (25 points) - Got Gold in Quebec Event.
Powerthirst (5 points) - Got powered up 5 times in 1 race.
Respect! (5 points) - Watched the credits.
The Broken Heart (20 points) - Won races against 13 Ghosts .
The Race (20 points) - Performed 30 perfect starts.
The Velvet Cave (25 points) - Got Gold in Valkenburg Event.
Thunderstruck (10 points) - Got powered up and performed a T-Pose over the Thor Statue.

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