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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points.

Achievement - How to unlock
Chopper Stopper ( 15 points ) - Defeat the Black Turtle helicopter in Mission 2... with difficulty on Hardest.
Complete The Game ( 25 points ) - Finish the game.
It's Electric ( 10 points ) - Use Lightning Magic.
Kick It ( 10 points ) - Use Melee.
Killer Winds ( 10 points ) - Use Tornado Magic.
Negotiator ( 15 points ) - Rescue 25 hostages.
Often Say Die ( 25 points ) - Play through 20 player deaths, with difficulty set to Hardest.
Perfect Challenge ( 25 points ) - Complete a perfect bonus round.
Points I ( 10 points ) - Score 20,000 points.
Points II ( 15 points ) - Score 80,000 points.
Points III ( 25 points ) - Score 300,000 points.
What's a Ninja? ( 15 points ) - Complete Mission 1 without losing a life.

The following cheats will become available options after selecting a level in Freeplay mode when you have completed the the corresponding task.

Auto Parry Cheat:
Parry 100 attacks.

Beret Hat:
Obtain S rank in Shadow Temple on Normal or higher setting.

Boomerang Kunai:
Defeat the Fushin Ninja without taking damage.

Chainsaw Weapon:
Complete a level without using Parry.

Chibi Jiro Costume:
Complete Beginner mode.

Chicken Sword Weapon:
Complete a level without melee.

Cloven Sword Weapon:
Die from melee attack.

Fast Kunai Reload Cheat:
Find ALL Bonus Coins.

Flaming Skull Hat:
Obtain S rank in Oboro Clan Village on Normal or higher.

Fruit Kunai Cheat:
Complete Very Hard mode.

Fushin Ninja Costume:
Die 100 times.

Golden Axe Weapon:
Die from ranged attack.

Infinite Earth Magic Cheat:
Complete Normal mode.

Infinite Fire Magic Cheat:
Die from hazard.

Infinite Lightning Magic Cheat:
Complete a level without Ninja Magic.

Joe Musashi Costume:
Unlock ALL of the StreetPass maps.

No-mask Jiro Costume:
Obtain S rank in BioShark on Normal or higher setting.

One Hit Mode Cheat:
Complete ALL of the StreetPass maps.

Regenerate Health Cheat:
Complete the Bonus Stage.

Rice Hat:
Obtain S rank in City of Zeed on Normal or higher setting.

Samurai Helmet:
Obtain S rank in Hyper Transport MG97 on Normal or higher setting.

Sarah Krieger:
Complete Hard mode.

Shadow Mask Hat:
Defeat the Super Soldier without taking damage.

Shadow Master Costume:
Complete a level without kunai.

Viking Hat:
Find ALL Mastery Coins.

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