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Cheating Dome presents: Warlords (2012) for Xbox 360

Warlords (2012)

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Achievement - How to unlock
An Eye For An Eye (10) - Destroy 50 troops using only your troops.
Breakout (10) - Destroy 50 wall segments using only fireballs.
Control Freak (20) - Own all Control Points at the same time in a 4 player game.
Defender Of The Weak (20) - Banish the Black Knight 50 times.
Divine Intervention (10) - Get the White Knight Shield 50 times.
Fish In A Barrel (10) - Destroy 50 troops using only fireballs.
Just Barely (20) - Win a game with no wall segments left.
Master Mason (10) - Repair 50 wall segments back to full health.
Power Is Everything (20) - Obtain 50 powerups.
Savior of Ataria (10) - Complete the single player campaign.
Siege Engine (10) - Destroy 50 wall segments using only troops.
Warlords Fever (50) - Win 103 matches.

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