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You can unlock new jobs for your adventurers. To unlock them you need a concrete adventurer to be raised to level ten.

Job - How to unlock
Archer - Raise 'May Le Tigre' to level 10.
Bard - Raise 'Seffy Roth' to level 10.
Black Marketer - Raise 'Voldy Moore' to level 10.
Clown - Raise 'Flippin Book' to level 10.
Cook - Raise 'May Akiba' to level 10.
Hero - Raise 'Harly Potler' to level 10.
Kairobot - Promote your village to 5 stars.
King - Raise 'Sam Ganges' to level 10.
Knight - Raise 'Gilly Gamesh' or 'Jill Nabath' to level 10.
Kung Fu Master - Raise 'Chung Lailai' to level 10.
Mage - Raise 'Harry Gorn' to level 10.
Mercenary - Raise 'Frod Bigguns' to level 10.
Monk - Raise 'Stumblemore' to level 10.
Ninja - Raise 'Book Shields' to level 10.
Princess - Raise 'Lily Raven' to level 10.
Princess Sally - Promote your village to 5 stars.
Warrior - Raise 'Donkey Hotty' or 'Angie Jelly' to level 10.
Wizard - Raise 'Max Spellman' to level 10.
Wrestler - Raise 'Masque Mann' to level 10.

Make sure large monsters are dealt with as soon as they appear as their presence reduces the appeal of your town.

A good way of convincing warriors to stay in your town is to give them gifts. Be warned though that this can be an expensive gesture.

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